Center for Whistleblowers Protection

Center for Whistleblowers Protection (hereinafter The Center) was founded in order to help whistleblowers, who are often victims of retaliatory measures. Whistleblowers are people who, mostly at their workplace, detect corrupt behavior and “blow the whistle”, which leads to retaliatory actions from those accused of wrongdoings by the whistleblower. A threat of retaliation is meant to scare and silence (potential) whistleblowers, which is why it should be condemned and not allowed under any circumstances, while whistleblowers should get all the support that they need.

We need your support. We set up a fund for your donations that go towards supporting whistleblowers financially when they lose their source of income and need to pay for a lawyer or an expert opinion.

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We are grateful that Whistlelink supports the work of Center for Whistleblowers Protection!

Contribution by Whistleblowing Solutions AB, Sweden, is enabling us to fully use their application for safe and user-friendly receiving of whistleblowers’ requests, which is of great value to the Center and supports the very core of our main activity. Whistlelink solves our three biggest concerns:

  1. security of the channel for filling of whistleblowers’ requests and safe follow-up communication,
  2. case overview, and
  3. efficiency and security of further case management.